JJM Auto Services is a QLD based car service provider, established more than 25 years ago by JanuszStankowski with the objective of being the best car services in Burleigh Heads.

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Tallebudgera's Roadside Heroes: JJM Auto Service

Encountered a hitch along the Tallebudgera coast? Do not loose your heart when we are around. JJM auto service provider is no less than a knight in a shining armour in and around Tallebudgera. Our team is always ready to rescue your car and get you back on the road moving safely.

Professional car repair

Professional car repair service

Our company runs comprehensive set of services including regular maintenance to compound repairs.Whether you are searching for a good automotive repair centre either for routine maintenace or complete diagnosis or major overhauling, we have got you covered for all these areas.

We have got your Tallebudgera ride covered:

Brake test defender:

Never trade your life’s safety with anything. When it comes to your brake failure, connect to us. Our team of brake repair services ensure proper brake inspections and repair ensuring your motor stops on a dime, everytime.

Power Steering SoS:

Having difficulty in gliding through Tallebudgera’s road? Our staff of power steering repair take care of steering issues you might face. Also help you to hit the roads smoothly and securely.

Mechanical Masters:

Have you got a car which is acting weird lately? Our mechanics are adept at diagnosis and fixing the mechanical glitch. In order to deliver effective and efficient solutions, we use moern tools and technology at Tallebudgera JJM.

Fuel Injecting Fixers:

If your car’s engine not performing well or showing up a little off, Our technicians, fuel injector cleaning specialist offer cleaning, servicing and even repairs to restore your car’s engine performance.

Log Book Servicing:

This service of ours focuses on car’s optimal performance and warranty. Also while performing this service we include all the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Clutch Genius:

A defective clutch can bring down your journey experience and can be very overwhelming. Our clutch repair experts fix the any fault related to your clutch.

Professional car repair

Choose Us for quality auto repair services

1) Good team: We have got a great team of experts specialized in various services from car brake repair to clutch repair, power steering repair to fuel injection cleaning.

2) Our Promise: We always stand behind our word and work. We take the responsibility of our services, providing warranty on that regard.

3) Customer centralized care: Customer Service has always been our first priority. Our team stay connected throughout the process and make sure you are kept informed about every detail.

4) Budget Friendly: Our services are at very competitive rates, you get best deal everytime.

JJM auto service at Tallebudgera is located at prime area, making a breeze for everyone to stop by. If your automobile is not behaving properly, making it difficult to drive. Do not worry, drop by our centre. Call us or book an appointment online for free.